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Meet Jen

Jen Katz (Owner) is a Brooklyn-based Cosmetic Laser Specialist who, it could be said, is a bit of a science beauty geek. She thoroughly enjoys utilizing laser beams to affect changes in the layers of the dermis – from targeting…
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Overhaul Your Look for Spring

Greetings! There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Winter of 2015 had to be one of the coldest and longest winters we’ve experienced in years. I know most of us were tucked away in near-hibernation, not believing warm temperatures…
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Rose Petal beauty tips for Valentines Day

Hello, Lovely! It’s Valentine’s Day and there are roses everywhere! While they’re certainly pretty to look upon, roses have lots of uses when it comes to boosting your beauty routine. So hold on to those rose petals tomorrow, and read…
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Introducing Lumena

I’m excited to announce that I have opened up my very own boutique aesthetic laser treatment space! Lumena is located within Fringe Salon’s hip sister location on Bond St. in the Cobble Hill/Gowanus section of Brooklyn. I’ve put a lot of…
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