Titan XL™ Skin Tightening Treatment

The Titan skin tightening treatment is a great non-surgical option for stimulating new collagen production resulting in noticeably firmer skin. It utilizes 1800nm of infrared laser light to heat the water within the dermis to the point of collagen contraction.

The collagen fibres not only tighten immediately, but are reinforced over time which means the improvement usually continues for up to 3 months post treatment. This skin tightening treatment works on the principle of Volumetric bulk dermal heating (Elevating skin tissue temperature stimulates local circulation, in turn, stimulating collagen growth or skin tightening). Unlike Fraxel and similar ablative laser skin tightening treatments that require weeks of downtime, Titan leaves the skin intact, and thereby eliminates the need to hide in recovery. You can leave Lumena after a session to meet up with friends for lunch, with only a slight flush of the skin. And yes… you can wear make-up immediately after.

This treatment is especially AWESOME for the neck and jowls, and for de-puffing the under eye area.A word about eyes — we do not treat the lid under the orbital bone. The skin is way too thin there. This procedure is popular amongst both men and women who wish to lift and tighten the skin.


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