Laser Hair Removal

Yeah, yeah… Laser Hair Removal. It minimizes shaving and makes your daily routine easier in general.

But did you know that it can also dramatically help with minor dermatological woes such as folliculitis and Keratosis Pilaris?

Folliculitis is better known as “barber bumps” to some men, and Keratosis Pilaris is what I refer to as “those annoying bumps behind the arms”. And if you’ve ever had ingrown hairs in your bikini line area, you know just how much they can impede on sexy times. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then please continue having awesome self esteem. 🙂 For everyone else, please contact me and let me explain how laser hair removal can help rid your life of those zit-like bumps.

We use only a YAG1064 laser – not an IPL – which is safe for all skin tones, and far more effective that IPL.

Have you been thinking about Laser Hair Removal? Or perhaps you could use a touch up session? Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. We customize our hair removal treatments to fit your individual needs.

Discounted and pre-purchased packaged sessions of 3 (10% off total), 6 (20% off total), 9 (25% off total), and 12 (30% off total) available.

Price Chart
Area – Cost per Session

Chin – $45
Upper Lip – $45
Chin + Upper Lip – $75
Sideburns: – $50
Neck – $65
Hairline – $45
Full Face – $95
Underarms – $50
Arms (Half) – $75
Arms (Full) – $150
Legs (Half) – $85
Legs (Full) – $195
Feet – $50
Areolas – $50
Navel – $45
Stomach – $75
Basic Bikini – $75
Bikini Extended (to mid-thigh) – $85
Brazilian Bikini – $150
Back (lower) – $65
Back (full) – $125

Beard&Neck – $125
Back of Neck – $65
Shoulders – $75
Full Back (includes shoulders) – $225
Chest “Clean Up” – $75
Full Chest – $150

Please call to inquire about additional areas or pricing.

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