Acne Control Facial

Jen and Kait have both worked at a dermatologist’s office – the same one, in fact. We’ve seen our fair share of acne and we’ve seen it in it’s varied, frustrating forms. There’s hormonal acne which tends to appear along the chin and jawline. There’s environmental acne, which tends to be a side effect of living in this glorious city of ours. And then there is that one, unexpected cystic monster that seems to pop up right before an important date!

Whichever stage your acne is in, we can help. We have tools, such as the ultrasound cleansing device and the high frequency wand. We have strong, professional grade masks that we can mix & match to suit your specific type of acne. And we have gentle extraction techniques. And if we think your acne is acute and beyond our expertise, we’ll let you know before we start treatment, so you can decide if you’d prefer to be seen by a dermatologist.

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